The Most Common Car Problems


The best technique for preventing a failure is a good routine of maintenance.

The quantity of intricacy and models of contemporary autos mean that AA patrols are called to deal with thousands of problems that are distinct. All these were for several years and will be the most typical, though.

Most may be prevented with all the preventative care that was proper, although many might be repaired at the wayside.
Flat or faulty battery

Most common problems are caused clamp connections and by devices or with a lack of voltage, often due to constant use on short trips without regular recharging.

At every service, check that devices have been cleaned and protected from corrosion using a layer of grease or petroleum jelly. Clamps and connections should be secure.

Should you rarely create a journey that is long, life is prolonged by a fortnightly overnight charge.

Modern maintenance-free batteries need no top-up.

Most modern automobiles have a 'transponder key joining a key that is physical that is traditional using an encrypted electronic processor to avoid theft.
In the event, you lose the key, retrieval to a sanctioned dealer might be the only real answer.

Even a dealer may take several times to obtain an alternative, so always carry a spare set of secrets.

Specialist AA Essential Assistance Technicians repair or may replace broken tips or lost.

Examine the guide and adjust pressures as-required to match loads and different speeds.

Kerb impact can harm potentially wheel rims side walls and. Both can result in flows that are slow. Consult a professional tyre supplier if any damage is not invisible. Or visit your mechanics crawley.

When checking tread depth, look for irregular tyre wear - the wheels may be misaligned.

Go through the free tyre. A distressed or flat spare will not be useful in an emergency.

Assess that wheel and the port - resources have been in good shape and that for securing wheel nuts the removing or crucial tool is not inaccessible.
Alternator faults

Constant battery troubles and dimmed headlights when the engine is idling may signify alternator faults.

Water pump and the fan may also operate. A belt that is broken could be indicated by a reddish ignition warning light along with an instant increase in engine heat. Quit straight away.
Basic motor

Although solid, starter motors may fail.

Great, problems that are potential should be highlighted by regular garage care.

Breakdown cover from a name you can trust
Get an estimate
Gas difficulties

Empty fuel tanks cost annoyance plus a great deal of time. Fill at the beginning of your journey up and nicely before the lower-fuel warning light comes on.

Every year more than 150,000 motorists set the wrong gas in their car - petrol in diesel is not most unusual but determined drivers put diesel in petrol cars also.

The AA gas Assist technicians flush and can empty the gas outside of the system and ensure that contaminated fuel is recycled through a host-friendly removal procedure.

Clutch cables

Clutch cables are under high stress, and scratching can weaken the cable strands until they break.

Replacement at the initial signals of use is the best answer, although aA patrols could make temporary repairs in the roadside.
Spark plugs

The spark plug is a much-neglected portion of the key programme.

Be certain that you change plugs in the suggested service periods of the manufacturer.
HT leads

High tension (HT) directs and their connections can degrade with age. Soil and water enter cracks in the insulating material, decreasing ignition current.

Damp-repellent sprays like WD-40 are just a short-term solution.

Ask your garage to look over the leads' shape and replace as necessary.